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Retirement villages offer an ideal living environment for elderly individuals with an active lifestyle. We partner with a range of premium communities for retirees, that offer services designed for their needs, from recreational facilities to social activities, age-appropriate fitness modules and more.

Redefining the norms of “old age homes”, these retirement villages offer a vibrant space where older people can thrive with a sense of community and belonging. And above all, with a rich social life in the company of like-minded peers.

Felicity Palm Country


HappyMindz Elder Care is proud to announce our collaboration with the newly launched Felycity Palm County project. This vibrant senior community, situated just minutes away from Angamaly, takes a modern approach to successful aging. With our expertise in elder care, we have joined hands to provide an active lifestyle and elevated community experiences for seniors in Felycity.

The sprawling campus, spanning 4 acres and meticulously maintained, offers 48 units of 1 BHK Villaments measuring 800 sq ft. Together with HappyMindz Elder Care, Felycity Palm County aims to provide seniors with a comfortable and high quality of life.

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